Episode 49 – Finding the full value of joy

In this crazy and irreverent episode four friends come together to explore what gives them joy and why this word is so powerful. It is my hope that you enjoy our journey and come to some of your own conclusions about Joy! Take care! Share this:Click to share on...

Episode 48 – Mystery as a Motivator

In this, our 48th episode, Adam Powley and I discuss how adding a layer of mystery to your class or your game can be a real game changer. I mean really, who doesn’t like a good surprise. Sit back and listen to the two of us muse about this delicious element in...

Episode 47 – Mini Gamification Moments

Today was an epic day… We had as a guest Jon Spike in the studio and it was a rousing good time. Jon and I are both board game enthusists and promise that we will do an episode all about that some day. But today we are talking about mini gamification moments....

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