Make Learning Palpable with Props

I have always loved going to museums. The Milwaukee museum is known, or at least I know them, for their excellent dioramas. They are all made on site and they had their own in house team of designers and sculptors who would build out these detailed and rich scenes. As...

Boss Battles: Kicking Engagment Up

Boss Battles: Kicking Engagment Up Topic: Sidequest collection and organization Time: 12 minutes Welcome to XPLAPs first vlog or video blog entry. My hope is that these vlogs give you ideas, spark conversations, and help build successful gamified experiences in...

Pictures Apps Worth 1000 Words

I love taking photos of what’s happening in my classroom. It helps me in so many ways, from reflecting on the week and my lessons to giving parents a window into my classroom. Smartphones are the modern day Swiss Army knife. This post is going to look at four of...

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