PODCAST #23: Twenty Percent Time For Teachers

On episode number 23 we have one of my favorite guests… Carrie, who is a must follow @heckawesome on twitter. We are chatting about growth of us as Adults by applying our 20% time in our own lives… This is a great introspective show and one that should get...

PODCAST #19: Ready to Launch!

5…4…3…2… BLAST OFF On this episode we get a rare pre-launch interview with a course designer using the principles of gamification and XPLAP. Andrew, @MrKoz31,   has done a fantastic job building and creating his game over the summer and is all...

What Gamer Type Are You?

In school, I was often called the “daydreamer”. The one usually lost in his own head. I was this way with my friends, too. The ones repeating what they were saying just didn’t know what kind of adventures were in my head! If you were anything like me when I was in...

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