Episode 41 – Let The Games Begin

There is nothing better then watching the Olympics… Wait… I am sure being in the Olympics is better… Well join Kimberly and I chat about hosting our own Olympic games. This is Kimberly’s first dive into gamification and she does it with style...

EPISODE 39 – Reflections On A Year To Come?

In our 39th episode of Well Played we take a long look at the year ahead. Guest, Tisha Richmond, helps us zero in on a one year word as our goal. Throughout this episode, the two of us discuss many ideas for the year to come and even get a bit of 2017 reflection as...


In our 38th episode, we dive into building something that only happens once or twice a year and is a rally point. Must like the World Cup or Olympics, these events are something to look forward to and it makes the event all that much more exciting. Have a listen as we...

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