PODCAST #14: Gamifiying Elementary

BOOM! Heather Marrs, @hmarrs24, has joined the #wellplayedu crew. This episode pops right off the ear bud. Heather shares how she got started, things she noticed and how her students soared in her gamified class. So much shared, and so much gained in this episode. I...

PODCAST #11: Onboarding

From last episode on ending a game right, Nick and I explore the starting of a game. This episode, Nick and I, talk about the process of onboarding. This delicate step is all about how to bring players into your game. They need to intuitively understand what they can...


  Episode #1 of Well Played is finally here. At last, you can enjoy learning about gamification, game based learning and instilling a sense of wonder in your students through the power of play while peeling potatoes for dinner, or during an exceptionally banal...

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