Episode 55 – Taking Risk as an Adult

Episode 55 - Taking Risk as an Adult   Episode 55 is about taking risk... As the teacher, the adult, and old fart we often fall into a comfort zone... This podcast is to remind us what all can happen when you get out of that comfort zone. Enjoy the show and leave a...

Episode 54 – Addons to a Gamified Classroom

This week's episode I have long time friend on for the first time to #WellPlayed I am happy to introduced Mr. Baskwill or @mrbaskwill. In this episode we are chatting about the addons you can apply to your game. Give it a listen to or watch and I am sure you are bound...

EPISODE 52 – Anniversary Edition

We made it!!! Episode 52... One year down! In this episode, Carrie and I go on a walk down memory lane. We take time to honor those who have shared this space with us and look to the future for another great year of podcasts. I can't wait to have you listen to this...

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