I love taking photos of what’s happening in my classroom. It helps me in so many ways, from reflecting on the week and my lessons to giving parents a window into my classroom. Smartphones are the modern day Swiss Army knife. This post is going to look at four of my favorite photo apps that can have you spicing up just about any picture for your classroom.

Let’s take a look…


Cost: Free (with paid upgrades)
Value of Upgrades: Does not cost much… Worth it!
Ease of Use: 9


This app is one I use a lot. It helps me make my photos into collages which look great. You have tons of tools built in that will allow you to write over the pictures as well. This app is super easy to use and very helpful! Check it out!


Cost: Free
Value of Upgrades: Free
Ease of Use: 8


This app is cool for you to write over the entire picture. I sometimes use Quipio in connection with other apps. This helps spice up the tweets and instagram shots I put out there. There are some very nice text overlays built into this program. Get started today!


Cost: Free (with paid upgrades)
Value of Upgrades: Does not cost much… Worth it!
Ease of Use: 10


This app is killer! I love this one… I think there are so many cool features and they always look great. Lots of filters you can add, the fonts look great, and the random generator for text layouts make it clean, quick, and simple. This is a must have in any teacher’s arsenal of image production. Go get this one NOW!


Cost: Free
Value of Upgrades: Totally FREE
Ease of Use: 10

Relase you inner artist! Prisma allows you with a couple clicks to turn any image into a work of art. This simple to use art filter app will have you creating in no time. The results that this free app produces always turns heads. Every time I tweet images from Prisma I always get a few people in my PLN asking how I made them. Well, here it is… Prisma is always the answer.

Wrap up!

These are my top for image apps I use in my classroom. I hope you check them out and start using them right away as they are fun as well as easy to use. Additionally, if you want to become a power user, think about app smashing with a few of these together. App smashing is when you use two or more apps making one creation. I love taking a Prisma shot and using it with Typorama or Quipio for example. I hope you enjoy these image apps and I can’t wait to see your creations with them. Consider posting your gamified class images to #XPLAP using these apps. I can’t wait to see into your classrooms as they say a picture is worth 1000 words.

As always, I would love to hear from  you below. What are some apps that you use to take photos or videos? How do you use your photos and videos? What do you think about these apps?

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