Instagram In The Gamified Class

Are you looking for creative ways to engage students, improve their digital literacy skills, and increase their accountability and engagement in a class? Gamification may be the answer.

How to Create a Gamified Classroom Experience in a Video Game Browser?

Research has shown that gamification can motivate users to continue engaging with digital content or applications by rewarding them with points, badges, and other incentives.

There are several ways that teachers can use a video game browser to create a gamified classroom experience.

Let Students Choose Their Own Learning Paths

If your students are comfortable using technology, they may be willing to create their own quests. If so, they can set their own learning goals and pursue them in a gamified way.

If not, you can assign quests that allow students to pursue goals that align with your curriculum.

Create Quests for Engagement and Skill Building

As you build pathways for your students to explore, you may want to create quests to help them engage with content, build new skills and develop their critical thinking skills. For example, you may want students to explore the history of video games or learn about the culture of video game players.