Mystery Box Game

You’ve probably played games that involve hidden objects or puzzles at some point, but have you ever played a video game that involves a mystery box? Probably not. That’s because they’re tricky to make, even with the help of graphics software.

The article below delves deeper into how graphics software makes hidden object and puzzle games involving a mystery box possible.

3D Rendering with Graphics Software

The first step in making a game that uses a mystery box is producing a 3D rendering of the box.

Graphics design software can make this process much easier by enabling you to use 3D modelling tools. 

These allow you to create a box in virtual 3D space and then export it as a 2D image.

Detecting Collisions with Physics Software

Detecting collisions between objects and then responding to those collisions is a common task in video game design.

Doing so is much easier with physics software than with code, since you don’t have to write complex programming to detect collisions. In a game that uses a mystery box, the player is usually given the box before they’re told what it does.