How Gamification Can Benefit Businesses

For a long time now, many businesses have adopted gamification as a method of engaging their customers. Examples include slot machines, poker and casinos. They are particularly successful in improving winning rates and retention. Gamification also has a lot to offer in terms of motivating employees. This can be done through things like reward points, badges and even money.

The idea of applying gambling principles to business activities came about because of a need to increase efficiency. Inefficient business operations can lead to a lot of lost opportunity. Gamification offers a solution to this problem. A business will then be able to apply the theory of gamification to all aspects of its operations.


Areas in Which Gamification is Commonly Used

Sales teams

Sales teams frequently use gamification to reward high performance. They do this by giving out prizes and cash bonuses. The more they achieve, the better their chances of securing larger bonuses. Likewise, service teams can make use of gamification to encourage people to use their services. They can do this by presenting games that require a solution and have them compete with others.

Marketing campaigns

Gamification can be used in marketing campaigns too. Companies that want to promote their products or services can adopt this strategy. It has been found to be more effective than the more traditional forms of advertising like TV advertisements and billboards. Some companies even claim that gamification has completely solved their advertising problems.

Customer relationship management

Gamification has also been put to use in many business tasks. This includes Customer Relationship Management. Many companies are now employing CRM strategies that include gamification. Gamification is also used in training and development. In this case, the game mechanics are embedded into the routine, and the company can train and develop its employees using a given strategy.


Gamification can also be applied in surveys. In this type of gamification, you are simply required to complete surveys online by providing answers to questions related to your business. The points that you accumulate in the surveys are added up, and you can use these points in different ways. For instance, some companies use these points to give away discount cards. Businesses have widely adopted this form of gamification all around the world.

To Sum Up


The best thing about gamification is that it is very open-ended. There are no limits as to how many things you can gamify. You can simply adopt the strategy wherever it fits into your business. Of course, it would be best to balance its implementation with other types of management techniques. After all, it should work hand in hand with the other management tools and processes.

There are many types of gamification that you can apply in your business. In fact, you should be able to come up with many ideas on your own. However, it would be best if you chose a strategy that will work well with your business. By looking for a good strategy, you will be able to make the most out of the available gamification tools.

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