Huawei Nova 2i The Toast of the Midrange Market in 2017

In 2017, Huawei Nova 2i entered the midrange market scene, which many users found good enough to support different mobile phone tasks, including 7 hours of gaming. Built with Huawei’s proprietary Octa-Core Kirin 659 Processor supported by a decent 3,340mAh battery, that can carry on with 20 hours of talk time. At the same time Huawei claims that a single charge will enable 9 hours of binge watching, or engaging in 7 hours of video gaming.

Still, minimalist users who are not into heavy gaming and keeping brightness at auto mode, are quite satisfied that a single power charge can last up to 24 hours.

Built with a single speaker located beside the headphone jack, reviewers rated the Nova 2i audio quality as decently loud and of good quality. Its 16MP rear camera is supported by a secondary 2MP when taking high definition photos in portrait mode.

After Huawei’s release of the Nova 2i midrange phone, in time for the rollout of China’s 5G technology, there was no denying the Chinese tech’s well laid out plans to deploy the Nova 2i in the midrange market.

What Prevented Huawei Nova 21 from Dominating the Midrange Pack

In 2019, the trade war between China had reached a point that even US-China technology trades would impact Huawei’s long term plan of dominating the midrange phone market. During the year, the US Commerce Department ordered bans on Chinese tech products, while any US tech company that continues to support Chinese
Tech companies will likewise face punishments and sanctions.

Actually, it’s not just Huawei that got banned but several other companies deemed as national security threats. Such companies have been placed by the Trump Administration in a so-called Entity List However, investigations into Huawei’s technology showed that its wireless networking technology provides the Chinese government with backdoor access. This meant it could use Huawei devices and its 5G network as monitoring and surveillance equipment.
As a result, Google ended whatever business relationship it had with Huawei, particularly concerning Google’s Messaging Services.

Continuing Demand for Nova 2i in Bangladesh

The Nova 2i has merits of its own and many midrange consumers are still looking for the minimalist and practical features of this Huawei mobile phone even in 4G. According to Mobiledor, the unofficial price of a Nova 2i in Bangladesh is 19,500 Taka. Furthermore, readers can find full specifications and details about Nova 2i.

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