Are Video Games Software?


The gaming industry is growing like never before. However, the sudden leap in technology raises new questions about legal status or the simplest of definitions – what are video games?

A video game is computer software designed for entertainment or educational purposes. A game, like a computer software, is brought to life by a development process that often uses an engine. You can find a quick tip on exciting video games with free spins.

What is software?

It is a sequence of specific symbols known as source code for humans and machine code for the device. It is a set of instructions and tasks to be performed by a computer or other device to enable the user to achieve a specific goal. Software is an application, operating system, or video game. And this is the greatest similarity between these terms. Software and video games provide a human-friendly interface to enable human-machine interaction.

The video game is a product type

Until recently, a video game was just a product released on a medium such as a CD. But new games can no longer be called that, as many are constantly updated even after purchase. They are a product supported by the service. The same goes for software, which can exist and be updated as a product, but unlike a game, it is often sold as a license. This means that the buyer purchases time-limited access to the service offered by the software. In the case of video games, that means a subscription.

But there is another difference. Video games are given a PEGI or ESRB rating, which indicates the recommended age of the recipient. It also appears in video game applications or other apps. Microsoft or Adobe software does not specify the recommended age of the recipient as there is no such requirement.

Main functionalities

Software is usually a tool designed to serve a specific purpose. Its function is to save time and make tasks easier to complete. It is used to protect the computer from unwanted attacks, support various projects, and clean the hard drive. On the other hand, a video game is a complete opposite. Its purpose is to take more time. It brings more challenges into the user’s life that he, not the program, should solve.

It’s also worth noting that not all software is as entertaining or educational as video games. There are some programs for this purpose, but this is only a tiny part of the total. Video games are always about fun, education, or both. Many studies have shown the positive effects of some video games, such as improving well-being, eye-hand coordination, or memory.

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