Legou Invites Call of Dragons Players to Checkout Hero Pairing Guide

Many PVP and PVE players are currently checking out Legou’s Call of Dragons pairings list since Farlight will be releasing the final version on March 28, 2023. Touted as a spinoff of the highly successful MMO strategy game Rise of Kingdom (ROK), Call of Dragons offers a new twist to the storyline.

In Call of Dragons, the three warring factions – humans, elves, and orcs – have come to a truce due to the constant attacks on their respective kingdoms’ villages by powerful and vicious dragons. New dwellers who attempt to build their own stronghold are also fighting off players who are forcibly taking their resources.

This is perhaps why Legou Technology is inviting players to visit the Call of Dragons website, where they can find comprehensive information about hero pairings to ensure that the interaction and collaboration between selected heroes will yield satisfactory in-game results.

Significance of the Call of Dragons Tier List

New players should familiarize themselves with the Call of Dragons Tier List as it provides quick glimpses of the best and worst heroes in the video game. This is important because even if one is a free-to-play player, they have to invest some of their resources in building a team of defenders.

The Call of Dragons game features a broad array of characters, each with a specific role to play. Legou designed heroes differently – some can outperform any opponent, while others have relatively useful skills when paired with another hero. The problem arises if one invests in a hero that has no synergy with other characters or, at worst, is not worth investing in at all.

Choosing and using the right heroes to pair with your primary in-game character is a significant factor in carrying out activities and campaigns toward game progression. However, hero pairings should not be a haphazard thing, as other elements need consideration, such as designating a hero as a PVP (player-vs-player) or PVE (player-vs-enemy) and selecting the type of units to utilize in defending or attacking opponents.

The Call of Dragons Tier System lists the highest-ranking heroes as Tier S+ or Very Overpowered and Tier S or Overpowered.

Heroes with balanced powers are rated as Tier A, indicating they have a high potential for a successful hero pairing.

Be wary of heroes ranked as Tier B because they are slightly underpowered.

Tier C heroes are ranked as underpowered, while the worst and most useless characters fall under Tier D.

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